Kinsey Thurlow: A Heart’s Cry for Comfort

By · August 21, 2017

Once, there were two little girls. I remember them from a distance, but knew neither of them personally. I was merely a bystander who looked on, getting a small glimpse into their hearts. I saw the first little girl one afternoon as I was sauntering along the sidewalk near the park. Probably six or seven […]


Mark Head: According to thy word be it unto me

By · October 29, 2014

Mark Head shares at Vista Assembly of God in San Diego, California. …God says, “according to my word, be it unto you”, that we may agree and respond to Him “according to your word, be it unto me, let it come into me and grow in me, so that the life of Christ would be […]


Engage Episode 24: The Adventure Of A Lifetime

By · October 22, 2014

The final episode makes it clear that we haven’t arrived yet, but merely stand on the edge of the most amazing adventure available to us—how can we explore the vastness of God’s love and character not only in this age, but also for all eternity? Watch more videos from the Engage series: Source:


Engage Episode 23: That Your Joy Might Be Full

By · October 15, 2014

Everything God does in our lives is so that his joy might be in us and that our joy might be full.  He makes a way for us to be at home in him and he disciplines us so that we can find the fruitfulness and fulfillment of his life instead of being tyrannized by […]


Engage Episode 22: Tuning To God’s Frequency

By · October 8, 2014

Many of us were taught to find security in the approval of others, monetary success, religious activity and belonging to the right group.  What if those aren’t the best signals to follow?  It may seem difficult to separate the static of the world from his frequency, but it really isn’t.  Here are some insights to […]


Engage Episode 21: The Only Thing That Counts

By · October 1, 2014

We find our way into the simplicity of following him as we ignore all the obligations that others can put on us live in the confidence that there’s only one thing that matters to God—that whatever we do is the fruit of a growing trust in him expressing itself in our love for others.  Here […]


Communing with Father

By · September 27, 2014

John MacDonald shares the importance of relating to God beyond our own intellectual reasonings so that we can commune with Him spirit to Spirit. Click here to view more from the video webcast archives Source:  


Engage Episode 20: Letting God Win Your Trust

By · September 24, 2014

Faith is not a tool we’re supposed to produce to manipulate God to do what we want. God wins us into faith by showing us who he is and how he is working in our lives. The more we grow to trust him the less we’ll react to trouble by trying to save ourselves and […]


How Jesus Taught

By · September 21, 2014

John Nuttall shares some of the many ways that Jesus communicated God’s heart through relevant, practical illustrations. Click here to view more from the video webcast archives Source:


Engage Episode 19: Living By the Spirit

By · September 17, 2014

You do not learn to live this life in Jesus by wrapping your head around a different set of principles.  You actually grow to understand this life as you respond to the Spirit guiding you into his truth.  Over time the draw of the Spirit will become more powerful than the pull of the world […]


Living in the moment

By · September 14, 2014

Barry Adams shares how to live in the moment rather than to live in the past or the future. Click here to view more from the video webcast archives Source:


Engage Episode 18: One Step at a Time

By · September 10, 2014

Few of us really live in the moment, where God is most easily seen.  At times we live in the past by our regrets or by trying to recapture some past experience with him. Sometimes we live absorbed in the future with anxieties about what might happen, or trying to fulfill the plans and hopes […]


The Glory of God

By · September 6, 2014

Barry Adams shares how the glory of God is actually reflected in His love and goodness. The more that we are able to believe and receive His love, the more that we will reflect His glory to those around us. Click here to view more from the video webcast archives Source:


Engage Episode 17: A Life of Love

By · September 3, 2014

Jesus invites us into a kingdom that thrives in love.  Learning to live in the reality of his love for us and sharing that love with others, leads us away from the tyranny of always having to have our own way.  Then instead of seeking what we want, we can lay down our lives for […]


The Authority Of Sons

By · August 30, 2014

Mark Gyde shares how our Heavenly Father’s heart is to trust His sons and daughters with His authority. Click here to view more from the video webcast archives Source:


Engage Episode 16: NATO Living

By · August 27, 2014

Our trust in God is undermined every time we try to win God to our agenda and measure his love for us based on our own expectations.  If we can live not attached to the outcomes we desire, we’ll discover that he knows best about everything and will lead us into far greater joy and […]


Learning To Receive

By · August 24, 2014

Barry Adams shares how important it is for us to develop a posture of receiving when it comes to relating to God. Click here to view more from the video webcast archives Source:


Engage Episode 15: What About Sin?

By · August 19, 2014

Religion is a shame-management system that only increases our captivity as we try to be better for God.  The reason God forgave our sin in Christ, is so that we can come to know him without the shame of our failures and by doing so become transformed by his love. Watch more videos from the […]


The Heart of Sonship

By · August 17, 2014

John Nuttall shares the life changing implications of walking in the heart of sonship as Jesus walks. John uses some very practical illustrations and comparisons to help us understand the practical benefits of living loved by our Heavenly Father. Click here to view more from the video webcast archives Source: