• August 21, 2017

    Kinsey Thurlow: A Heart’s Cry for Comfort

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    Mark Head: According to thy word be it unto me

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    Engage Episode 24: The Adventure Of A Lifetime

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    Engage Episode 22: Tuning To God’s Frequency


I felt like I had come into a time where Father God wanted me to share some of the things He had been revealing to me over the past few years. I actually started to feel stifled keeping it all to myself, I needed an outlet. I’m not really a preacher or a teacher but I do like to write, and so the website began.

Soon after I began to wonder if others might also want to share some of their experiences with the world, so I asked around – this is why we are able to read such fantastic stories from so many on the website.

My intention is that it will also become a library for as many resources about God as our Father and His love for us that I can find.

Thanks for visiting.

~ Michael ~

 What does the name mean?


1. God’s disclosure of Himself and His will to His creatures.


1. The main or central room of an ancient Roman house, open to the sky at the center and usually having a pool for the collection of rain water.

2. Either of the two upper chambers on each side of the heart that receive blood from the veins and in turn force it into the ventricles.