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Contributor’s Guide

Revelation: when God reveals part of His character to you in a deep and personal way. When He speaks to your heart through His spirit. Often times when He reveals Himself to us it is in opposition to a lie we believe about Him, or about us, or it speaks into a deep struggle or wound in our lives. He reveals Himself for our benefit, because He wants us to know Him as He truly is. Sometimes though, we get share our experience with others to encourage them on the journey and to testify to His goodness.

The following is a guide to help you document and share your moment of revelation with others. The aim is to present it in a way which is real and that the reader can relate to. We want to share a bit of the journey you have been on, giving hope to others that they might have similar experiences, revelation and breakthrough in the struggles of life, whilst glorifying God for what He has done in your life. Challenge yourself to be as open as possible and write from the heart.

Start by articulating the moment of revelation, the breakthrough moment when the penny dropped, when God revealed something new to your heart. Often times this will be a key truth, or aspect of His character which we struggled to know and believe in our own life before this point of revelation. Identify and articulate this struggle or wrong thinking- this is what the reader will really relate to. From here you will expand upon these points, drawing upon some of your life story to add context. Again, try to really write from the heart and make it personal. This is not a sermon or a teaching, but more of a heartfelt story or testimony.

Brevity is important, try to keep your piece to around 500-750 words. Bear in mind the attention span of an website visitor can be quite low, no matter the quality of the content. Make each word and sentence count.

Format Guide

– Describe the key life struggle, paint a picture of what life was like before the moment of revelation. Be specific.

– Describe the moment of revelation, how it occurred, how you felt at the time.

– Describe the change you experienced, comparing the past to the present.

– Expand upon the key truth which was revealed to you, perhaps in a more general way. Include qualifying scriptures where possible.

Topic Guide

– God’s Love / Father Heart of God

– Intimacy with Father / Abiding relationship

– The true character of God

– Freedom from bondage. In particular related to religion- guilt, shame, striving, works etc.

– Grace over law

– Blockages to receiving Father’s love

– Living loved (Walking out the revelation of Father’s love)

– Identity (as a Son, in Christ)

– Security