James Jordan: What Christianity is, and is not

By · February 25, 2014

The gospel isn’t about being educated in christian things, or learning how to act in a certain way. Mimicking the actions and behavior of Jesus without a connection to the Father is missing the point of what he was about, and sent here for.


The Lion King of Judah

By · February 22, 2014

Your heavenly Father is perfect He loves you with an everlasting love He draws you near with unfailing kindness He says “I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters” You are His offspring You are fearfully and wonderfully made You are created in His image The evil one […]


Bill Johnson on spiritual fathers

By · February 18, 2014

In this video Bill Johnson really articulates the difference between fathers and teachers in the body of Christ. I can only imagine how wonderfully our church families would flourish if we chose to invest in our younger generation, drawing out their best, and directing them toward Father’s best for them. I’m not writing all this […]


A Prophet’s Last Word

By · February 16, 2014

Yesterday the earth lost one of the most influential prophetic voices in modern church history. On Valentines Day, Bob Jones went home to be with his first love after more than four decades of prophetic ministry. Leaders from various streams of the body of Christ are mourning his loss and praying for his loved ones. […]


Mark Stibbe: Changing a Fatherless World

By · February 12, 2014

You cannot heal a fatherless world with a fatherless church. In this two minute clip Mark Stibbe wonderfully summarizes something Father God has been revealing to His church over the past several years.


The heart of an orphan or the heart of a son?

By · January 29, 2014

Take a look over this list… Where do you find yourself? Do you identify more with the heart of an orphan or the heart of a son? Recognizing the true condition of your heart is the first step in moving towards a place of sonship through opening your heart to the love of God the […]


Mark Driscoll: Pray Like Jesus

By · January 28, 2014

Jesus’ prayer life is the perfect example for us. Who, when, where and for whom did Jesus pray? Pastor Mark Driscoll teaches on how Jesus used prayer all through His life, and how we can model our own prayers after His. Source: Mars Hill Church


Wayne Jacobsen: Sharing in the Father’s Affection

By · January 21, 2014

Have you ever felt as though you’ve failed God? Do you find yourself least certain of whether or not God loves you in those critical moments when you most need to trust Him? Is it tough to “love as Jesus loved”? Wayne Jacobsen, author of “He Loves Me! – Learning to Live in the Father’s […]